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When exercising the warranty, the buyer must also enclose with the equipment the warranty certificate and invoice, on which the date of purchase, serial number and warranty period for the individual product are indicated.

The warranty period for the product that the customer sends or brings to Žabjek d.o.o. for repair or replacement under warranty is valid for the period specified on the warranty certificate or in the product instructions. This period begins on the date indicated on the invoice or warranty certificate of the product. Errors and damage caused by improper use of equipment supplied by Žabjek d.o.o. are not covered by the warranty conditions. The buyer shall submit the complaint to the email address or in writing to the company address.

What is a warranty?

According to the ZVPot a warranty is an obligation that the company undertakes towards the consumer and with which it obliges to repair or replace the goods for the consumer free of charge, refund the purchase price or provide some other means if the goods do not work correctly or do not have the properties specified in the warranty certificate or advertising message.

Legal entities are also entitled to the rights defined by the ZVPot from the point of view of warranty (except for the rights from Article 21 f the ZVPot).

Warranty enforcement

In the event of warranty enforcement, the buyer may first request the elimination of defects.

Covering the costs of repair

The manufacturer is obliged to cover the costs for material, spare parts, work, transfer and transportation of the products, which arise during the elimination of the defect or replacement of goods with a new one by himself.

What if it is not possible to enforce the warranty

If the warranty cannot be enforced (for example, when the warranty period expires or the defect does not fall within the scope of the warranty), the buyer can exercise the rights from a material defect.

Warranty conditions

Repairs during the warranty period are carried out at our authorized service centre. Warranty does not apply or expires in the following cases:

  • if the device has been physically or mechanically damaged or overloaded,
  • if the error has been caused by improper handling,
  • if the instructions for use have not been followed,
  • if the device has been opened or repaired by an unauthorized person,
  • if the failure has occurred due to force majeure (lightning, fire, voltage fluctuation etc.).

The warranty also does not cover regular maintenance, consumable or wearing parts (e.g. brushes, oil, grease) and normal wear and tear of the tool.