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Consumables for surface treatment

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The 3M company has an extensive range of consumables. Their consumables are of extremely high quality.

In their sales program, they offer:

  • Solutions for sanding at surface treatment - 3M Hookit discs

The most significant products are sanding discs on a buffing pad - 3M™ Hookit™.

At 3M, we provide our customers with a wide selection of sanding discs suitable for most applications.

Below, we present some of our most popular products. They are intended for sanding many materials and are available in different granulations and with different numbers of holes.

  • Cleaning of welds - 3M CLEAN&STRIP DISCS  

3M Clean & Strip discs for rough cleaning are very suitable for cleaning welds and coloured surfaces. They do not contain metals that cause corrosion and are replacements for welds pickling, wire brushes and other cleaning tools.


Scotch-Brite tapes have a special structure made of non-woven synthetic fibres and a canvas base. They contain a cooling agent and can be used with all sanding devices that use the grinding belt.

Scotch-Brite fibre products are particularly suitable for effective cleaning, removal of corrosion and surface impurities and smoothing surfaces.

  • Removal of welds - FIBER DISCS

Fiber discs are intended for angle grinders for removing welds and surface preparation. Depending on the needs and the type of material, we offer two discs containing the minerals, Cubitron and Cirkoncorundum.


3M Match and Finish System (PTX) offers extremely high versatility in cleaning, sanding and polishing.

  • 3M Roloc systems - Roloc discs for sanding and fibre discs

The Roloc system enables a quick tool change with one turn, significantly reducing the production time. The system was developed specifically for multi-phase work processes. The screws on the discs are coloured so the user can quickly identify the required granulation.

  • Lamellar discs


  • Grinding and polishing material


In stainless steel processing, success depends on your ability to provide a quality product according to your customers' demand. The 3M technology has proven to achieve superior results in grinding and finishing stainless steel products while simultaneously reducing processing time and costs.

The 3M range of products for stainless steel processing also includes pneumatic tools, fibre discs, systems for surface treatment of products, cleaning brushes (bristles) and manual sheets for use in the following applications: cutting, deburring, grinding of welds, grinding of added material, surface treatment, surface finishing and conditioning, cleaning

You can view the entire program of 3M grinding materials and accessories in the following catalogue:
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In our range, we also offer sandpapers manufactured by Alesio. Sandpapers are distinguished by their quality and longer durability.



In the attachment, you can find the catalogue of sandpapers and contact us for advice:

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LUKAS-ERZETT GmbH & Co. KG  is a German manufacturer of a wide range of grinding and polishing tools with which we provide you immediate solutions for your needs in processing. The offered Lukas program results from continuous work in the field of development and close cooperation with the customers. By investing in research and development and obtaining feedback, they constantly improve and expand their program, thereby increasing their quality and ensuring maximum satisfaction of their customers.


  • * tools for milling and engraving
  • * tools for sanding and polishing
  • * flexible grinding and polishing tools
  • * diamond pastes
  • * super hard tools for grinding
  • * drive devices
  • * accessories


Roto HM or HSS milling cutters


Using the best materials and production on CNC grinding machines for toothing provides you with an optimal and powerful tool for all processing needs.

Lamellar discs, sanding and cleaning belts, sanding plugs, sanding discs, sanding pads

Grinding accessories are intended for the processing of metal, where uneven surfaces and special shapes are also present. Flexibility to the shape of the workpiece!

Grinding and polishing plugs and discs

Wide range of grinding and polishing plugs of various shapes and dimensions for processing all types of steel, castings and sheet metal. The program is intended for use in tool-making shops and other metal industries.

Discs for cutting and rough grinding

Lukas' program of discs for cutting and rough grinding offers both tools for universal use with various materials as well as special solutions for materials that are difficult to process, e.g. alloyed steels and non-ferrous materials.

Plates with sanding lamellas

We offer the plates with sanding lamellas made of ordinary corundum, zirconium corundum or silicon carbide - depending on the application area. In addition, we also offer plates with sanding lamellas for fine sanding and polishing.

Diamond HM plugs

At these grinding plugs, the surface of the steel carrier is coated with "super hard abrasives" CBN or diamond





German manufacturer of grinding materials 



 For larger projects, we also take a project-based approach so that our specialist for a given field, together with a potential customer, analyzes the project and, depending on the set goal, we then determine the optimal processing procedures to achieve cost and time efficiency.