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Electric torque multipliers

V-RAD series of electric torque multipliers

Torque range: 140 – 4.000 Nm

V-RAD series of electric torque multipliers is the latest innovation of RAD electric torque multipliers, which is used for tightening and loosening of demanding screw connections, where precision, strength and high safety standards are required.

Električni multiplikatorji navora

This is an excellent tool because it is light, short and easy to use.

- simple selection of torque values
- transparent display
- durable DX gearbox
- equipped with a tightening success indicator
- the same power for tightening and loosening
- convenient and cost-effective selection of tools for screwing and tightening to the desired torque
- advanced and extremely durable electric motor
- robust construction to reduce maintenance costs and increase durability
- controlled screwing - repeatability +/- 4%
- extremely low noise level – only 80 dB.

The V-RAD SELECT set includes:

- reaction arm and retaining ring
- waterproof storage box
- instructions for use
- calibration certificate

Set električni multiplikator