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Cordless tools for assembly

QX cordless screwdrivers represent a new revolutionary step in the world of assembly. QX cordless screwdrivers are smart tools that improve process control, worker comfort and real-time data recording with an external controller. Today's production requires a reduction in costs and an increase in high-quality products.
On QX cordless screwdrivers, you may set up eight different screw programs, which can replace several assembly tools at the assembly workplace. The cordless screwdriver has three LED indicators on the back (green, red, yellow) which signalize the success of the screw connection.

Baterijski vijačniki QX

QX cordless screwdrivers can be connected to an external INSIGHT qxc control unit, which allows setting 32 different programs on the QX cordless screwdriver itself. The 32 programs can be connected to 256 different tasks (jobs) on the controller. The external control unit has the option of connecting several tools to the controller itself (2,4,6). The option can be purchased with a one-time license.


The INSIGHT qxc controller enables automatic control with most industrial communication protocols, such as: profinet, profibus, openprotocol.
The INSIGHT qxc controller has its own SSD memory card, on which it stores all the controller settings as well as the screwing results. The controller can store 50,000 screwing results together with the screwing curves. Communication between the controller and the screwdriver takes place wirelessly via WIBI communication and does not affect other WIFI-connectable devices.

Cordless screwdrivers are divided into several groups, QXN, QXC, QXX, QXM and are on two different battery platforms, 20V and 40V.

- The basic version of the QXN cordless screwdriver allows only one setting on the screwdriver. The screwdriver is not equipped with a screen display. Three LED indicators display the status of the screwdriver.

- QX cordless screwdriver C is a series of screwdrivers with a screen and no wireless communication. It is possible to set 8 different settings on the screwdriver.

- QX cordless screwdriver X is a series of screwdrivers that have a screen and, in addition, wireless communication. If the screwdriver is used independently without an external control unit, eight different settings can be set on the screwdriver. If the screwdriver is connected together with the INSIGHT qxc controller, 32 settings can be set on the screwdriver.

- QX cordless screwdriver M is a series of screwdrivers designed for high torques up to 2000 Nm. The screwdriver includes a torque multiplier. When choosing the multiplier itself, choosing the optimal reaction hand is also necessary.

- For higher torques where holding is impossible, and the nature of the work does not allow the use of a reaction hand, the perfect solution is QX- ETS ( »ergonomic screwing system« ). QX cordless screwdriver ETS has a pulse switch-off. This means that in the end, instead of a quick jerk, the switch-off is done with a few pulses, which are set with different regimes.

The screws can be set up in several ways. One setting can be done manually right through the rear screen on the screwdriver. For faster setup, setup is done via ICS software (Instructions for use) or in the case of connectivity with an external INSIGHT qxc controller via the web interface.

To increase the mobility and increase the ease and flexibility of the Ingersoll Rand QX cordless screwdriver, we have the INSIGHT Connect app available for quick setting of parameters on the screwdriver itself and review of completed screwing operations.