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Tools for surface preparation and treatment

Progress in production is enhanced by the right selection of industrial tools and the right grinding materials. New materials allow different speeds of tools and accessories, parts and components, which must correspond to the desired surface treatment with greater precision.

In our range, we offer tools for surface treatment from Ingersoll Rand, which has been known in this field for more than a century. No matter what the application, Ingersoll Rand tools for surface treatment offer the best for the best quality of processing your products.

Dynabrade manufactures tools for various technical applications in industry and servicing activities, such as: cutting, grinding, polishing, milling and filling. Dynabrade tools are used in car repair, automotive, aviation and marine industries for high-quality processing of surfaces of various materials (wood, metal, plastic, rubber, stone, glass, composites and fibreglass).

Thanks to continuous development and research, Dynabrade produces the most reliable tools with long service life and excellent ergonomics that are distributed to professionals worldwide. Dynabrade ensures that all devices comply with the applicable occupational health and safety standards or even exceed them. Together with our customers, we design the best solutions for their daily needs and guarantee perfect results and greater productivity.

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Dotco is an Apex subdivision of the American Tool Association. They offer ergonomically designed tools for material removal and grinding. Dotco is well known for   highly durable tools and accessories.

For more complex projects, we also take a project-based approach so that our specialist in the given field, together with the potential customer, analyses the project and, based on the set goal, then determines the optimal processing procedures to achieve cost and time efficiency.