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Work tripods

Work stands are often used to prevent backlash from the work tool and give the tool proper guidance for proper mounting. We have an attractive program of linear, parallel or positional tripods, making your process more efficient and safe.

Worker's health is important. If the worker works with manual electric or pneumatic assembly tools, excessive stress on the wrist can greatly affect the employee's health or even deform the wrist. Even a seemingly lightweight tool can become difficult to use without a helping hand after more than an hour of use in the assembly process.

Provide your workers with a tripod and facilitate their long-term work without injuries.

We offer the entire range of Ingersoll Rand and Doga tripods.

If you do not find a suitable tripod in our wide range, let us know what you want, and we will provide you with a solution for your problem of reaction moment during the assembly process.

Doga work tripods

Reakcijska roka doga

linearne reakcijske roke

Linear tripod

The BA series of tripods are optimized and robust designs that provide production quality, extreme worker comfort and increased productivity for many years.

zglobne reakcijske roke

Articulated tripod

The BA series is equipped with a rotating articulated part, which enables high work flexibility. Movable and foldable like a human hand, they are especially recommended for workplaces with less space.

Teleskopske reakcijske roke

Telescopic tripod

Extremely robust, lightweight, compact size and maintenance-free. DMF carbon tripods are easy to assemble and ideal for transport assembly lines. Carbon tripods are suitable for straight, pistol and angle screwdrivers, which allow the worker extreme comfort and easy manoeuvring with the tool.

Viseče reakcijske roke

Hanging tripod

Mounted on suspended slide rails, the SLIDER series offers X,Y,Z for complete mobility. They are ideal for transport assembly lines as they do not hinder the production flow of the assembly line.

Potovalne reakcijske roke

Travel tripod

Mounted on a workbench, BA…C is the ideal solution for assembly screw issues on large areas or repetitive working tasks.

Specialne reakcijske roke

Special tripods

If you cannot find the desired tripod among the standard solutions, take a look at some already developed solutions in the attached catalogue.

We can offer you a special tripod solution based on your request.

You can read more about Doga tripods in the following catalogue:

Delovni stativi Ingersoll Rand

Delovni stativ INGERSOLL RAND

You can read more about tripods in the catalogue:

Reakcijska roka