Electric screwdrivers with measuring probe, built-in

The QM series electric screwdrivers are the real workhorse for your automated assembly processes.
The QM series electric screwdrivers have four different motor sizes allowing for a wide range of torque, speed and flexibility in different sizes and different dampers.

QM electric screwdrivers are extremely easy to use and allow excellent adaptability, which helps them to have a high level of durability in even a tough industrial environment. QM screwdrivers are used in a variety of assembly applications, and their wide selection allows for excellent adaptability to any application.

QM electric screwdrivers cover a wide torque range from 0.8 to 2500 Nm with a closed loop measuring probe that allows excellent accuracy and repeatability of more than 5 % throughout the entire working range of the electric screwdriver.
Vijačnik QM7

Built-in electric screwdrivers are extremely durable and require minimal preventive regular services.

QM electric screwdrivers are compatible with all INSIGHT qc and ICD series controllers.

Two types of connecting cables are required for connectivity with the screwdrivers. For the QE2 series of smaller screwdrivers, a smaller CPS2-type connecting cable is required in various lengths. For other QE4, QE6 and QE8 series of screwdrivers, a connection cable of type GEA40-CORD is required. Connecting cables are possible in different connection designs: straight connection and 90-degree connection.

Electric servo built-in screwdrivers offer a wide range of screwdriver types. Electric screwdrivers are extremely modular and can be adapted to the needs of your application.