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Power screwdrivers with torque & angle control

Power screwdrivers with torque measurement via current consumption

Cost-effective screwdrivers for maximum durability and quality of critical screw connections.

Electric screwdrivers with measurement via current consumption represent an ever-increasing share in the production because compared to air screwdrivers with a clutch, they allow much greater control, as well as easier networking with other devices required for the assembly process.

Screwdrivers make it possible to detect various problems during the screwing process, which certainly increases the reliability of the production process. Screwdrivers with electronic measurement enable a significantly faster and more controlled assembly process. Compared to air screwdrivers, electronic screwdrivers can be even 30% quieter.

The control unit has an I/O module for easier networking with external actuators or even with a positioning system if the assembly process requires this control. The screwing process is shown in real-time graphic curves of torque and screwing angle, which certainly represents an excellent tool for analysis during and after the screwing process.

The screws are enclosed in a housing suitable for mounting elements sensitive to electrical discharges from the environment (ESD).

The screwdrivers have extremely high-quality Swiss-made brushless MAXON motors. Brushless motors are extremely durable and require no service intervals. Since the screwdrivers do not have a built-in mechanical clutch to control the screw torque, the maintenance costs of the screwdriver are much lower.


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