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We offer KNIPEX pliers for your industry- "Made in Germany" since 1882.

KNIPEX pliers and tools: everything the craftsman's heart could desire
KNIPEX offers a wide range of hand tools for various purposes. Of course, the main focus is still on the pliers. However, it is useful to have the right screwdriver or knife for the appropriate work area in the toolset.
There are many different categories of tools available.
Different KNIPEX pliers
In the KNIPEX range, there are so many different types of pliers for a wide variety of purposes. On our website, you can find a wide range that includes everything regarding gripping, pinching, combination pliers and special pliers and tools for crimping and removal.
Different versions of handles
The pliers are available in different designs: Classic one-component handles and blue and red two-component handles serve the usual purposes in everyday work. The yellow and red handles are VDE insulated and tested, so they can be used to work with cables up to 1000 V.
Some KNIPEX pliers are also available with ESD handles for working on fine electronics.
KNIPEX tool cases: various assortments exactly for your needs
In addition, various sets are available, which are classified by industry. If you want to buy an empty tool case, you can store your existing tools in it or build a suitable kit for your purposes. Of course, ready-made sets for individual industries are also available.

KNIPEX is constantly improving its tools and developing new products. Below you can discover their products for various fields of application.