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Globaljig straightening benches

Straightening benches and other equipment are type-approved by all leading car manufacturers. We offer straightening benches for major and minor repairs with all the associated equipment and mechanical and electronic measuring systems.


Koala straightening bench

Koala straightening bench is a professional device that enables easy, fast and precise repair of a damaged vehicle. It is type-approved by all the world's leading car manufacturers.
The outer frame of the device enables quick and easy mounting of wheels and mounting jaws depending on the type of bodywork. The hydraulic traction unit with a 10-ton cylinder can be easily and quickly mounted on the table frame, which allows us to stretch it in all directions.

Koala straightening bench is a universal device that enables three different types of repair:

1. Repair using MZ attachments and tools

This method enables precise bodywork repair using special tools for each bodywork or vehicle type.
The holes on the frame are adapted for mounting modular supports, on which we install universal MZ attachments. Then, we place the tools in the attachments, which we fasten to the car body at the points defined by the manufacturer. This method is easy, reliable and accurate and is required by almost all car manufacturers, such as (MERCEDES, AUDI, RENAULT, VOLKSWAGEN, ...).

2. Repair using a universal measuring device

For repairs, we can use a universal measuring device, with the help of which it is possible to check the points on the car body according to the drawings and tables for each type of vehicle.
We shall install the measuring device on the modular supports.

3. Repair using an electronic measuring device

Instead of a mechanical measuring device, we can also use an electronic measuring device installed on the frame of the straightening bench and check the control points on the car body.


From us, you can also get the original Globaljig CD with files about all vehicles on the market.

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