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Pneumatic jacks

Presented collection of pneumatic jacks is designed for the easy lifting of massive loads, which range from 2 tons to 32 tons. At the same time, everything is done exceptionally safely and reliably. The primary goal of the mentioned equipment is to reduce the applied force and pressure that the operator has to perform when lifting extremely heavy loads, so the mentioned pneumatic jacks are built accordingly. All the offered pneumatic jacks are equipped with safety valves that activate in case of overload. In addition, all the provided pneumatic jacks have built-in telescopic stabilizers, preventing uncontrolled sideways tilting. Pneumatic jacks are equipped with cleverly placed wheels, which allow easy use and mobility in the workshop. Lifting and lowering are controlled by a handle, which also provides additional safety and ease of use.

Due to their design, pneumatic jacks are suitable for all kinds of workshops and satisfy even the most demanding users. They are an indispensable tool, especially in tyre service workshops, as they are fast, powerful and easy to use. With our vast range of pneumatic jacks, everyone will find their own, the right one.