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Magnetic drills

Fast, accurate hole drills are tools on the side of your work in the field or the workshop!

Magnetic drills are drills that have a built-in magnetic base. A magnetic base allows the magnetic drill to latch onto the metal base while drilling holes. The magnetic drill enables easy and constant drilling without any movement during the drilling process itself. The magnetic base of the magnetic drill is easily turned on with a button or by screwing on the permanent magnet. A magnetic drill with a built-in permanent magnet works regardless of the presence of an electrical supply, which is a great advantage from the point of view of safety. Some models already have a built-in system of automatic lubrication at the drilling site. Magnetic drills have the possibility of drilling with a clamping head or the possibility of clamping crown drills.

The evolution of magnetic drills has been significantly reduced in size thanks to powerful permanent magnets. Many assembly teams can afford a lightweight and manoeuvrable magnetic drill and drill holes of the desired size in precisely defined locations.