Electric screwdrivers with measuring probe, manual

Highly accurate screwdrivers controlled by an integrated measuring probe are an essential part of today's industrial production. These tools can be guided by a tight torque specification and on-the-fly documentation of their results. The QE series of manual screwdrivers Ingersoll Rand can boast a wide selection of manual screwdrivers for your industry. The screwdrivers are extremely robust and ergonomically shaped, and easy to use.

Electric screwdrivers with measuring probe series QE cover the torque range from 0.3 to 400 Nm.

Vijačnik QE2

Electric screwdrivers with a closed loop measuring probe enable excellent accuracy and traceability in a compact, ergonomic design. Electric screwdrivers of the QE series have LED status indicators on the tool itself, allowing the operator to see the tool's status in real-time.

Electric screwdrivers are suitable for ESD application environments.

The advantage of QE electric screwdrivers is the compatibility between all INSIGHT qc controllers and IC1D and IC1M controllers. Hand-held electric screwdrivers require only two types of connecting cables for connectivity between the controller and the screwdriver. For the QE2 series of smaller screwdrivers, a smaller CPS2-type connection cable is required in various lengths. For other QE4, QE6 and QE8 series of screwdrivers, a connection cable of type GEA40-CORD is required. Connecting cables are possible in different connection designs: straight connection, 90-degree connection.
Kotni vijačnik QE4

Electric servo screwdrivers offer a large range of screwdriver types. Electric screwdrivers are extremely modular and can be adapted to the needs of your application.