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Accessories for assembly lines

Working on assembly lines is repetitive work that usually lasts throughout the entire working time. It is precisely because of such repetitive work that accessories are sought on assembly lines to improve the ergonomics of tools and prevent worker injuries. Spring balancers are certainly the first step in the improvement itself, as they carry the entire weight of the tool. If, during the assembly process, the reactions of the tools to the worker occur, it makes sense to think about the choice of working reaction arms.

According to the ever-increasing demands on productivity itself, we offer screw feeders and complete screw dosing systems.

To ensure that at the end of the assembly process, all screws are tightened, and in the right place, we offer screw positioning systems.

To prevent worker injuries, we offer a wide range of work stands for tools.

We offer a wide range of consumables for screw driving, such as screw bits, socket wrenches and extensions, which are of the highest quality.