Controllers for screwdrivers with measuring probe

New technology innovations are transforming manufacturing plants into digitally driven industries. By using the power of data to gain insight, manufacturers can increase productivity, improve quality, optimize capacity and lower operating costs. Connectable tools are growing exponentially, and the Internet (IoT -Inthernet of Things ) is now a decisive factor in many industries, including manufacturing. IoT is paving the path in a new wave of intelligent manufacturing, using the analysis of collected data connected to the network, including assembly tools and controllers.

Manufacturing processes rely on several technology suppliers and partners; the systems work together in a system and create an essential advantage for manufacturers. Connectable assembly tools and controllers are just one part of these vital ecosystems. Industrial networks use programmable logic controllers (PLC) platforms for connectivity and communication with equipment, devices and tools. For easy and effective connectivity with PLC controllers, tool controllers must be easy to connect, as well as collect and process collected data.

Connectable assembly tools with »plug and play« controllers help manufacturers to optimize their assembly processes and generate a higher return on their tool investment.
InsightQC kontrolerInsightQC pogled spodaj

The Insight QC controller is distinguished by its simplicity, flexibility and performance

  • simple transparent programming interface
  • »Plug & Play« add-ons and protocols
  • integrated "Backup & Recovery" system for preparation of backup and recovery

  • Setting and programming the screw system via the web interface through any device.
  • The controller supports most industrial communication protocols.
  • Flexible to adapt to any controlled screwing requirement.

  • Non-contact touch screen
  • Extremely powerful data memory
  • Robust system and audit prints
The INSIGHTqc controllers are designed for ease of use and easy integration. The controllers provide a global platform that supports the global assembly requirements of the customers. The INSIGHTqc controller has a simple non-contact screen for easy use and programming via the web interface.