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Pulse screwdrivers

Air pulse screwdrivers are highly productive and ergonomic assembly tools. They do not produce any reaction, i.e. they do not need any additional reaction arm or support. They are extremely fast, which contributes to productivity. Pulse screwdrivers have a minimal deviation of the desired torque from the actual one. Pulse screwdrivers are available in a "shut off" and "non-shut off" version.

We represent the world's most well-established companies, Uryu and Cleco:

Pulse vijačniki

"Shut off" pulse screwdrivers: "Non Shut off" pulse screwdrivers: Controlled pulse screwdrivers:

Versions: Gun-type/Angle/Straight Versions: Gun-type/Angle/Straight Versions: Gun-type/Straight

Range: 2.5-850 N.m Range: 3.5-850 N.m Range: do 600 N.m

Podatki 2025max Podatki 2025max Podatki 2025max

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You can read more about Cleco pulse screwdrivers in the catalogue below:

Pulzni vijačniki

In the following video, you can watch a short procedure of setting the pulse screwdriver for the desired working torque: