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Socket wrenches and screwdriver bits

Apex is one of the leading manufacturers of screwdriver bits and screwdriver bit holders. Screwdriver bits of various shapes and different hardness (depending on the screwing conditions - revolutions, torque) will satisfy even the most demanding user since their bits are used both in mechanical engineering and the wood industry, as well as in the most demanding applications in serial assemblies. In addition, bits with different coatings are also available, extending the tool's durability.


  • screwdriver bit holders
  • screwdriver bits
  • sockets
  • adapters
  • extensions

You can see more about Apex sockets and screwdriver bits in the catalogue:

The Japanese company Vessel has been manufacturing professional hand tools since 1916, and in 1954 they also started manufacturing air tools.

You can view the other catalogs on the website.

Ko-Ken Tools is a family business in which the fourth generation has been producing socket wrenches and sockets. Socket wrenches are cold forged, chrome plated and coated.

Socket wrenches are distinguished by their quality and a wide selection from the smallest to the largest.

Wera, founded in 1936, is one of the leading international manufacturers of hand tools, with its headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany. Wera develops and produces hand tools that meet the demands of professionals. Wera offers a solution to the issues associated with screwdriving. The range includes approximately 3,000 products from the hardware program and includes real problem-solving, even for very individual tasks. This includes e.g. Kraftform screwdrivers with Lasertip blades to prevent any slippage from the screw head; innovative ratchets Zyklop and Koloss, with which you can even beat; Hex-Plus tools to prevent rounding of hex screw heads; Impaktor bits and holders, which have been specially developed to meet the high demands of using impact wrenches; diamond-coated bits to prevent any slippage from the screw head; Kraftfom Kompakt tools for applications with hand and power tools, tools with tool finder "Make it easier": colour coding according to profiles and size stamp - for easy and quick access to the necessary tools; Wera 2go tool transport system - mobile, flexible, individual. Wera professional tools provide professional results in practical applications due to their, in many cases, unique features.