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Three letters. Eighty years. One goal: to become the world's leading manufacturer of pumps and systems with forced displacement.

With more than 80 years of reputation for superior product performance and operational excellence, ARO provides fluid handling equipment for the needs of customers and industries worldwide, including the chemical industry, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceutical industry, mining and others.

ARO pumps

With its range of pneumatic diaphragm pumps, piston pumps and seals, filters, regulators, lubricators (FRM), lubrication equipment and pneumatic valves and cylinders, ARO provides the right products to realize all your specific needs.

ARO pumps

ENERGY EFFICIENCY AT PNEUMATIC PUMPS – 20-40% saving in compressed air consumption

  • Corrosion resistant – as option
  • Screw construction
  • No stalling and freezing of the pump
  • 20 to 40% more efficient than the competition
  • Lowest total cost for the company
  • The lowest air consumption per m3/min in the industry
  • Detection of diaphragm defects
  • Equipment for cycle counter
  • Compatibility with competing pumps – easy replacement with other pumps


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ARO pumps


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