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Riveting tool

Blind rivets reliably connect individual parts independently of their materials. Whether the parts are made of steel, synthetic materials or other materials with different strengths and thicknesses, blind rivets always ensure a solid connection. Even larger components can be connected permanently and without lag or surface damage. Thus, with this procedure, the risk of corrosion is largely excluded.

Blind rivets can be installed manually or automatically. The number of individual components determines the selection of the tool. A wide range of devices is available, from an air rivet gun to a riveter with automatic rivet dosing. The decisive factors for tool selection are the workpiece geometry, the place of installation and possible integration into the existing production process.

Types of tools in our offer:

- one-handed and two-handed pliers for riveting rivets and blind nuts
- air guns for riveting rivets and blind nuts
- cordless riveting guns for rivets and blind nuts
- special accessories for guns for blind rivets
- special mounting systems

Riveting toolOrodje za vtiskanje matic

Lobster riveters are used in industrial plants. Lobster is the right address for a serious partner in riveting.

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