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Digital torque wrenches

Torque wrench is a tool for tightening screws and nuts to the desired torque. Torque wrenches with a ratchet are the most often used option. Using the ratchet on the torque wrench, we tighten the nut and then tighten it to the final torque set on the torque wrench. In our offer, we also have the option of torque wrenches on which it is possible to insert a fork or ring attachment. The mentioned versions are extremely sought after in the industry for tightening pipe connections, tightening sensors, etc., where the standard ratchet wrenches are unsuitable.

We offer various mechanical and digital torque wrenches.

Mechanical torque wrenches have several different shut-off methods: "Click" (torque wrenches with a shut-off mechanism), folding torque wrenches (torque wrenches consist of a switching mechanism that breaks when the torque is reached and thus prevents the operator from continuing the tightening operation).
Digital torque wrench

Digital torque wrenches measure the torque with a measuring probe in the torque wrench. Compared to mechanical torque wrenches, these allow us a wider window for the time of tightening.
With a mechanical torque wrench, we only monitor the set torque value, and the torque in the screw connection can exceed the desired value very quickly.
On digital torque wrenches, it is possible to set several tightening programs. Before the tightening application, we simply select the pre-set program and start working. In addition to tightening to the desired torque, certain torque wrenches allow us to tighten to the desired angle. There are more and more screw joints with prescribed tightening to both parameters.

Digital torque wrenches are an excellent solution for workplaces where one digital torque wrench can replace several mechanical torque wrenches.

With a digital torque wrench, the accuracy of tightening is certainly increased. It has LED status indicators, and based on the status on the screen, we can see how close we are to the desired torque value.
Digital torque wrenches store the tightening data in their memory, which in some models can be exported directly to a computer, with the date of completed tightening.

Digital torque wrenchDigitalni moment izvijač

For inspection of screws or for a so-called audit, a special logarithm called "Move On" was developed for some torque wrenches. In the mode mentioned above, we can measure the torque in the screw connection »residual torque«.

In our sales program, we also have digital torque wrenches, which can be connected to the network via an external controller or another device. Based on the work order at the workplace, the line system or process control sends a command to the digital torque wrench controller, which is set to the desired tightening program (force and angle).

In our sales program, we offer a wide range of torque wrenches and their accessories, with which you will certainly complete your job successfully and with quality.