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Battery torque multipliers

B-RAD series of battery torque multipliers

Torque range: 50 - 7.000 Nm

The new B-RAD SELECT battery torque multipliers have two buttons for increasing or decreasing the torque values for 10 Nm.

The set torque value is displayed on the four-digit display. B-RAD SELECT remembers the last set torque value even after the battery removal.

Baterijski multiplikator

The B-RAD torque multipliers are especially suitable for work in areas where no electricity or compressed air is available.

The number of cycles performed on the battery depends on the length of the thread, lubrication, temperature and torque settings.

- brushless motor
- available with single-speed or two-speed gearbox
- low battery warning to prevent torque reduction
- controlled tightening - repeatability +/- 3%
- extremely low noise level - only 65 dB
- automatic release of reaction arm
- possibility of setting torque in 1-50 levels instead of torque setting
- lithium ion battery 18V / 5,2 Ah or 8,0 Ah

The B-RAD SELECT set includes:

- reaction arm and retaining ring
- 2 lithium ion batteries 18V / 5,2 Ah with charger (for B-RAD SELECT 4000 & 7000: 1x 5,2 Ah and 1x 8,0 Ah)
- waterproof storage box
- instructions for use
- calibration certificate

Set baterijskega multiplikatorja