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Compressed air installation

John Guest, the largest manufacturer of quick plastic connectors in the world, has been a pioneer since the beginning of the 70s with a revolutionary technology for producing components from plastic. Products of the highest quality are produced in cooperation with the best-trained employees.

Ensured quality

All departments in the company are committed to ensuring the highest quality. Process control to achieve 0% scrap is integrated into all production design processes and ensures an optimal level of product reliability over the long term.

As BS EN ISO 9001 and BSI FM 1997 certified company, John Guest is recognized as a first-class Q1 Ford supplier.

Construction of installations

The John Guest system enables quick and easy construction of installations and does not require special tools for the production of complex installations. You can move or upgrade the installation at any time!

Our company also offers you the service of installing the John Guest compressed air system. You need to let us know your wishes, and we will advise you on the construction and make an appropriate offer.

Construction of compressed air installations

Air preparation

For the compressed air installation, the air only it must be properly prepared, which means that we can install a preparation group or a dryer to extract water from the system if you wish.


Watch the following video showing the assembly of the John Guest compressed air system.


Teseo S.r.l. was founded in 1988 and initially worked as an industrial supplier and engineering provider in the textile industry. During this period, many problems related to the distribution of compressed air were discovered.

The traditional material for distribution pipelines is galvanized steel. It has many limitations for compressed air distribution, such as low flow rates, drop in high pressure, corrosion, liquid contamination, etc.


Teseo started to design and develop modular aluminium piping systems for compressed air distribution.

Teseo system is easy to maintain and install.


For any questions, you can contact our advisor.

You can find more about compressed air installation solutions in the following catalogue:

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