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Simple torque meters

Simple torque meters are an ideal solution for measuring screwdriver torque. A simple torque meter is very easy to use. It already has a built-in joint simulator and allows easy storage of the last 999 measurements.

The ReadStar TT torque meter allows measurement in different modes, such as track, peak, pulse and click. All shown measurement results are displayed on the OLED screen. The simple ReadStar TT torque meter can be used as a portable device or mounted on a fixed work surface.
Measuring equipment Crane ReadStar TT

It is possible to easily transfer from the ReadStar TT simple torque meter to a computer.
Torque meters are available in the following ranges: 0,5 Nm, 1 Nm, 4 Nm, 12Nm, 30 Nm

See the attached catalogue for additional technical data.