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Sanders and polishers


Mini sanders / Polishers

Extremely compact and convenient tools are ideal for applications where spaces are extremely difficult to access.

- 0.15 kW motor- durable ball bearing applies soft power to the surface of the workpiece.

- The tool is available individually or in a kit with accessories.

Orbital sanders 41-Series

Series 41  prepared for vacuuming, is designed according to new standards of ergonomic design. It is equipped with immense power and speeds required in grinding applications. All models are designed for challenging work, with a dust-proof rotor, with precisely designed counterweights that create an eccentric rotation of 2.5mm and 5mm.

- Durability: - A powerful 0.15 kW motor creates the best speed under load.

                         - Counterweights reduce vibrations on the worker's hand.

- Udobje: - Composite body makes this sander light.

                 - Interchangeable rubber rings in three different sizes to adapt to all types of hands.


Orbital sanders 8000 MAX-Series

In keeping with the tradition of Ingersoll Rand Max tools, the 8000 MAX series of orbital sanders produce maximum power and productivity.  The MAX series offers a new comfort class with less vibration and an extremely light housing design.

Maximum comfort: low vibration and low weight, ergonomic handle design that prevents injuries

Maximum power: a powerful 0.20kW motor with a speed regulator that delivers the best performance  for your finishing works.

Maximum productivity: reduced vibration and improved stability reduce the wear on the grinding wheel and help to create smoother work.