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Air motors

Similar to air tools, also at air motors, one of the main advantages of Ingersoll products is their quality and years of experience. The entire range of different designs enables an optimal choice.

Pnevmatski motorji

Ingersoll Rand and ARO air motors are the flexible, efficient alternative power source. They are excellent for use in larger industrial applications.

Advantages of air motors:

  • possibility of setting speed and torque,
  • quick starting, stopping and change of rotation direction,
  • do not overheat or burn,
  • safe operation in dangerous conditions,
  • good operating characteristics,
  • low maintenance,
  • excellent design flexibility,
  • high working temperature of the operation range.

A wide range of solutions:

Ingersoll Rand and Aro offer more than 200 catalogue models of air motors with a wide selection of accessories.

      • reversible and irreversible motors
      • lamellar and piston designs
      • with reducer and direct drive
      • power range from 0.10 to 30 horsepower
      • speed range from 23 to 26000 revolutions per minute
      • torque range from 0.14 Nm to 1478 Nm
Motor z reduktorjem
- motor z reduktorjem
Motor z direktnim pogonom
- motor z direktnim pogonom

You can find more about Ingersoll air motors in the following catalogue:

Pnevmatski motorji

Engine starters

Pneumatic starters are a source of additional energy needed to start large diesel and gas engines.

Ingersoll Rand engine starters are flexible, efficient replacements for electrical sources. They generate power from the natural environment and are excellent for various industrial, marine and automotive applications.

Ingersoll Rand offers over 200 catalogue models of pneumatic starters with a wide selection of accessories. Ingersoll Rand offers accessories for special applications in which pneumatic starters are used in harsh conditions.

With more than 100 years of development and production, Ingersoll Rand can boast of being the master in the field of pneumatic actuation system development.

You can find more about the starters in the following catalogue:

Zaganjači motorjev

Watch the presentation of pneumatic starters in the following video: