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Electric screwdrivers with measuring probe

Each assembly is critical.

Safety prevention is necessary for critical joints in today's production process. It is necessary to choose safety measures. In addition, it is also important for the effectiveness what will be the costs of possible repairs of faulty products in the production process.

Anyone who deals with the production process knows that the later an error is discovered, the greater the financial costs as well as the time to correct the errors. Making low-quality joints in the production process can mean expensive assembly production, as the costs of warranty repairs can be high, and it also means a bad image of the manufacturer and its brand.

Because of this, monitoring and solving errors is a key factor in the assembly process. The immediate detection of errors in the production process itself increases the productivity and quality of the assembly process.

The quality of the final product primarily depends on the tool used, the correct setting of the working torque, the screwing angle and the screwing speed.

These errors in the production process can be easily avoided with the series of Ingersoll Rand servo screwdrivers.

At servo screwdrivers, the tightening torque is measured with the built-in force meter "transducer" or a piezo measuring probe.

Servo screwdrivers are the screw-driving systems of the future, as we are increasingly faced with the requirement to control the working process of screw-driving, which is definitely guaranteed with these screwdrivers.

The control unit of the servo screwdriver also enables connection to the Internet and other protocols necessary to integrate the screwdriver in the automated production system.

Vijačnik z merilno sondo

Insight QC controllers are distinguished by their flexibility, performance and ease of use.

Simple use:
- simple and transparent programming interface
- »Plug & Play« add-ons and protocols
- integrated system for preparing a backup copy and recovery »Backup & Recovery«

- setting and programming of the screw system via the web interface through any device
- the controller supports most industrial communication protocols
- flexible to adapt to any controlled screwing requirement

- non-contact touch screen
- extremely powerful data memory
- robust system and audit prints

The Insight QC controllers are designed for ease of use and simple integration. The controllers provide a global platform that supports the global assembly requirements of the customers. The Insight QC controller has a simple non-contact screen for easy use and programming via the web interface.

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