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Electric screwdrivers with mechanical clutch

We offer a wide selection of electric screwdrivers with torque control for all industries, from the electronics industry to the general assembly industry. Electric screwdrivers are extremely ergonomically shaped and have a good grip. Electric screwdrivers are available in versions with the electrostatic protective case (ESD), which is quite standard in today's industry of electrical devices and components. Electric screwdrivers are available with brushless motors, which means an extremely long service life and durability in low-torque assembly applications. Some electric screwdrivers have the option of a vacuum system for picking up screws, which further speeds up the screwing system. Lightweight and compact control units control the screwdrivers at a constant rotation speed. Some control units have built-in protection against overload or short circuits, which protects the electric screwdriver from destruction.

Electric screwdrivers are increasingly popular in today's production, mainly due to their more economical energy consumption. Compared to air screwdrivers, they do not require a source of compressed air as well as no installation.

Compared to air screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers have much greater control over screwing as they signalize screwing status based on digital signals. Some screwdrivers can count the screws, which helps to provide additional security so that you do not forget to tighten a screw. (Poka-Yoke)

Choose the best for the needs of your assembly lines from well-known brands such as Ingersoll Rand, Delvo, Doga.

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