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Ingersoll Rand is a global company that has cared for a comprehensive system of compressed air, pneumatic tools, diaphragm pumps, lifting equipment, handling systems and comprehensive services for over a century. They have a lot of know-how and experience and provide the best solutions to meet your needs. In addition to a wide range of products, they also provide a good service network that offers spare parts for your machines and tools.

Ingersoll Rand pneumatic tools are designed and manufactured according to strict standards and meet the needs of a broad base of users worldwide, coming from all branches of industrial production and maintenance. Ingersoll Rand is one of the largest equipment suppliers for the automotive industry.

Ingersoll Rand offers a wide range of accessories for each area mentioned.

You can view other catalogues on their website.

The European office of Dynabrade was founded in 1989 in Luxembourg. It covers Europe, the Near East and Africa. It provides its partners with sales of its products, customer service, marketing support, warehousing and service of Dynabrade products.

Dynabrade had maintained its reputation and good name since 1969 when it established itself as an innovative developer and manufacturer of special portable grinding accessories and tools.

Dynabrade produces tools for various technical applications in industry and servicing activities, such as cutting, grinding, polishing, milling and filling. Dynabrade tools are used in car repair, automotive, aviation, and marine industries: They are designed for high-quality processing of surfaces of various materials (wood, metal, plastic, rubber, stone, glass, composites and fibreglass).

Thanks to continuous development and research, Dynabrade produces the most reliable tools with long service life and excellent ergonomics used by professionals worldwide. Dynabrade ensures that all devices comply with the applicable occupational health and safety standards or even exceed them. Together with our customers, we design the best solutions for their daily needs and guarantee perfect results and increased productivity.

Doga is a manufacturer and distributor of assembly equipment for assembly lines worldwide. Their sales program offers the most extensive range of tripods for screw systems with the largest selection of their accessories. Doga is the largest manufacturer of tripods with positioning in the workplace. In their sales program, they offer the largest selection of electric screwdrivers.
Compared to other screwdrivers in the market, Doga electric screwdrivers with a mechanical clutch can boast of their high durability and the possibility of setting any desired screwing speed and soft start. Electric screwdrivers with mechanical clutch are equipped with digital outputs on the control unit for process monitoring (PLC).
In its sales program, Doga offers the MD series of electric screwdrivers with the current control technology with the possibility to adjust the torque and angle. Electric screwdrivers of the MD series are the ideal solution for precise screwing where traceability and a more significant number of screwing parameters are required at the workplace. 

Crane Electronics has been manufacturing the equipment for measuring and control for over 50 years, since 1971. Their equipment for control of screwing equipment is used in various industries such as automotive, aircraft, construction, shipbuilding and railways. In their varied sales program, we may find a rich selection of equipment such as rotary torque meters, static torque meters, data acquisition systems, torque meters and software for control of all measuring equipment. Crane is the leading manufacturer of measuring equipment worldwide and manufactures measuring equipment for other suppliers' brands too.

The company Nitto Kohki is a Japanese manufacturer of specific quality hand tools for processing in the metal industry, such as pneumatic files, edge bevellers, needle scalers, pneumatic drillers and sanders with a longitudinal stroke for use in the wood industry.
In its extensive sales program, Nitto Kohki has a vast selection of couplings for specific applications in the industry.
Nitto Kohki also markets the Delvo brand of electric screwdrivers within its group. Delvo electric screwdrivers are highly durable. They offer an extensive range of electric screwdrivers in their sales program.

The Japanese company Ohtake has been a manufacturer of screw feeders since 1968. In our offer, you may find screw feeders for manual or robotic screwing.

The Japanese company Vessel has been manufacturing professional hand tools since 1916. In 1954, they also started manufacturing pneumatic tools.

You can view other catalogues on the website.

Loobster offers a wide selection of assembly devices for riveting and assembly systems.

The range of tools includes:

  • pneumatic driven guns for riveting,
  • hand riveting pliers and two-hand riveting pliers,
  • shears for manual riveting,
  • cordless blind riveting guns,
  • special accessories for blind riveting guns,
  • special assembly systems (on request).

Loobster riveters are intended for industrial plants. Loobster is the correct address for a serious riveting partner.

The riveter is suitable for use on assembly lines.

In addition to riveting tools, Lobster also offers tools for pressing blind nuts.

You may find more details on riveters in the following catalogues:


The company Plarad from Germany has more than 50 years of experience in developing and producing torque multipliers with manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic drives. The company was founded by Paul-Heinz Wagner in 1962. His idea was to improve the standard hand multiplier and equip it with an electric drive. The result was the first electric multiplier up to 6000 Nm worldwide. This success gave the company the fresh impetus to develop new types of multipliers and drives, as evidenced by unique solutions intended for use at screwing on cranes, heat exchangers, valve spindles and valves etc.

Snap-on is an American designer, manufacturer and vendor of premium quality tools and equipment for professional use in the transportation industry, including automotive, heavy industry, equipment, marine, aircraft and railroad industries.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Company is a leading manufacturer and provider of portable power tools and accessories for the most demanding requirements of the »Heavy-Duty« class, intended for professional users worldwide. Since its founding in 1924, Milwaukee has been focused on a single vision: to produce the best power hand tools and accessories for the most demanding requirements of professional users. Today, the name Milwaukee is synonymous with tools of the highest quality, durability and reliability you may get in the market. The Milwaukee company manufactures its hand tools in a distinctive red colour, in 120-volt and 230-volt versions, intended for users worldwide. The extensive product range includes more than 500 different tool models, from a complete selection of cordless tools, reciprocating saws, drill drivers, saws, grinders and hammers to the tools designed for particular purposes, such as stands for drilling with diamond drill bits, drilling systems with magnetic stands, drill drivers with magazines and cordless sealant guns for applying sealant from cartridges.

When it comes to quality, Stahlwille knows no compromises. All products are made in Germany with the highest quality control and a long tradition of making the highest quality tools. They are a specialized manufacturer that strives to always find the best possible solution.

For more than two decades, KS Tools has been a modern tool manufacturer, constantly looking for solutions in the market and offering innovative tools for high-tech solutions. The quality of KS Tools products, exceptional engineering, the convenience of comfort and control, and competitive prices are features that are highly praised and appreciated by many users worldwide. The K15 catalogue is easy to use and consists of 800 pages with 17,000 products. The catalogue is called "the world of tools". A simple click on the selected part of the catalogue starts the download.

Since the 1970s, BGS Tehnic has established itself in the field of hand and pneumatic tools for everyday use in workshops. BGS Tehnic offers in its catalogue more than 5,000 products at affordable prices. Hand and pneumatic tools are available in two grades, PRO+ and PRO quality.

Unior is a synonym for reliable, high-quality and functional well-thought-out hand tools worldwide. Due to the now traditional quality, the Unior brand of hand tools is popular with both professional and hobby users. The range of hand tools, which includes more than 3,000 different products, provides support for many tasks. A unique feature of the Unior tools is the attractive ratio between top quality and affordable price.

The Fervi range includes products from hand tools to professional machines, measuring instruments, accessories and materials. It presents a unique offer of professional equipment that provides solutions for the experienced DIY user.

Ko-Ken Tools is a family business in which the fourth generation has already been engaged in the production of socket wrenches and extensions. The socket wrenches are cold forged, chrome plated and coated.

The socket wrenches are known for their quality and wide range of selection, from the smallest to the largest ones.

Knipex is the largest manufacturer of a wide variety of pliers worldwide. Pliers are renowned for their efficiency, long service life and ergonomics. Knipex tools meet the high expectations of every professional user of hand tools. They are distinguished by high-quality materials and highly modern manufacturing technology. All Knipex tools are made in Germany.

n their varied program, they offer a highly diverse selection of pliers for a wide range of applications, from electricians, electronics, special tools for solar technology, special tools for aviation etc.

Check out the extensive range of pliers and ask us for advice:

The company Wera, founded in 1936, is one of the leading international manufacturers of hand tools, with its headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany. Wera develops and produces hand tools that meet the demands of professionals. Wera provides solutions for issues related to screwing. The range includes approximately 3,000 products from the hardware program and truly offers solutions even for very individual tasks. Among their products, you may find Kraftform screwdrivers with Lasertip blade tips, which reduce the risk of slipping off from the screw head; innovative ratchet Zyklop and Koloss, which you can also safely use as a hammer; Hex-Plus tools that prevent wear inside hexagon socket screw heads and protect the profile; bits and holders of the Impaktor system, developed specifically to meet the high requirements when using the impact drivers; diamond-coated bits that fit securely into the screw and prevent any slipping off from the screw head; Kraftfom Kompakt tools for applications with manual and power tools; "Take it easy" tool search system, with colour coding according to the profile and size - for easy and quick selection of the necessary tool; Wera2go tool carrying system: mobile, adaptable and individual. Wera professional tools provide professional results in practical applications due to their, in many cases, unique features.

Hubitools offers special tools for vehicle service, tools for vehicle diagnostic control, videoscopes, and devices for testing of electronic devices and marking of equipment.

Serenco is a supplier of equipment for auto service centres and industrial equipment. A wide selection of tools will satisfy even the most demanding user. They are constantly looking for innovative tools that are most helpful to the user.

Apex Tool Group is a supplier of hand and pneumatic tools. The group originates from the Cooper brand, which has been in the market for over a century.

Apex is one of the leading manufacturers of screwdriver bits and screwdriver bit holders. Screwdriver bits of various shapes and different hardness (depending on the screwing conditions - revolutions, torque) may satisfy even the most demanding user since their bits are used both in mechanical engineering and the wood industry, as well as in the most demanding applications in serial assembly. In addition, bits are available with different coatings that extend the tool's service life.


  • screwdriver bit holders
  • screwdriver bits
  • socket wrenches
  • adapters
  • extensions

Twin Busch Germany is a company that offers a wide range of equipment for auto service centres at affordable prices.

Their offer includes:

  • equipment for wheel alignment ("optics") for the program of trucks and passenger cars,
  • test lanes for trucks and passenger cars,
  • lifting platforms for the program of cargo and passenger vehicles,
  • wheel balancers for the program of cargo and passenger vehicles,
  • tyre changers for the program of cargo and passenger vehicles.

The company Space is engaged in producing equipment for auto service centres in the area of tyre changers and wheel balancers for cars and trucks, double-post lifts, scissor lifts and wheel alignment equipment. They produce their lifts on the same line as Ravaglioli lifts. Together with the entire network of manufacturers, they provide their customers with complete equipment for furnishing the auto repair shops. Space produces high-quality equipment for workshops and follows the trend of development, which is also recognizable in its technology.

Fiac is an Italian manufacturer of compressors founded in 1977. In their production program, you may find top-quality piston compressors and screw compressors.

ELGi is a leading manufacturer of air compressors with a wide range of technologically superior compressed air systems. "Always Better" is more than just their motto; it is the mindset of their development - better efficiency, better durability, better economy - always better products.

Since 1978, Pichler, as a leading company for special tools, has offered more than 8,000 different pieces of basic and special tools for various service activities and various automotive industry brands. With the continuous development and the cooperation of auto mechanics, technologists and engineers, Pichler has truly optimized its tools for individual work processes. Using a dedicated tool also means more accessible work and significantly saving time and money.

You can view current products on their website.

The company Raasm Spa specializes in producing fluid transfer equipment used in various industries such as automotive, agriculture, construction, chemical, mining, ships, railways, manufacturing, etc.

The Raasm products are suitable for transferring various fluids, including oils, lubricants, antifreeze, diesel fuels, air, detergents, paints, chemical products, etc.

You can view other catalogues on their website.

Mega is a Spanish company engaged in producing hydraulic equipment and cylinders. Their range of hydraulic equipment includes presses and different types of lifting platforms.

The products of the company Mega are known for their quality and precision.

Spin is an Italian company specializing mainly in equipment for the maintenance of air conditioning systems. Their offer includes a range of special tools for vehicle maintenance.

Globaljig is a recognized company in the field of auto body shops. They are a leading manufacturer of straightening workbenches and accessories for auto body shops. They also devote their time to drawings for work with straightening benches, which saves you time and money.

With more than 100 years of tradition, Völkel from Germany offers tap drills and jaws of the highest quality for manual and machine processing. They also provide a V-Coil program where you can find everything you need to repair threads.

With more than 50 years of experience in drilling and drill bit manufacturing, KEIL Werkzeugfabrik (Karl Eischeid GmbH) is the best partner and solution provider in the field of drilling and the tool-making industry. To ensure that your new drill bit is not just a disposable tool, you should always pay attention to the quality features KEIL provides as part of the manufacturing process. All tools are produced from the best, alloyed steels. In addition to the manufacturing process, quality assurance is a key priority. Inspection of incoming materials, intermediate inspection, final inspection and regular test drilling and evaluation, and testing under extreme conditions, ensure a consistently high quality of the processes and materials used.

Since 1974, Ruko has specialized in producing drilling, countersinking and cutting tools. High-quality precision tools from their production plant in Germany provide high-performance tools for professional users.

Rennsteig has been a German manufacturer of hand tools since 1959.

The company NEXUS has been manufacturing high-quality tools in Remscheid since 1868 and has specialized in developing and producing pullers for decades. Many years of experience, maximum precision and mechanization, and consistent top quality have placed NEXUS among the leading companies in this sector. Universal pullers and special professional tools further enrich the extensive product range and provide the ideal tool for almost all pulling and extraction tasks.
An innovative spirit, a close focus on customers and modern technologies ensure a presence in the German and international markets. Modern logistics and permanent warehousing ensure that almost all products are available in a short period. As a family company, NEXUS stands for the tradition and sustainability "MADE IN GERMANY". More than 100 years.

In our offer, we have a complete assortment of tool cases and bags from the supplier GT Line for the organized storage of tools and equipment for work in the field or workshop. The cases' range differs in terms of their purpose, size and the way of tools organization.

The Danish manufacturer Scangrip offers the most powerful and complete range of work lights designed to meet your needs. As a leading European manufacturer, we provide you with innovative LED work lights, always giving you that extra light when you need it and the extra time you need to focus on the details that make the difference. When you need the best work light that you may get.

Since 2002, Winntec has been producing professional equipment for auto repair shops.

In our offer, you may get sintered brake pads for all types of wheel brakes from the manufacturer GOLDfren.

Sintered brake pads have a longer service life compared to organic brake pads. GOLDfren brake pads are made in Europe and are distinguished by their quality and affordable price.
They are helpful both for competitions and everyday use. In our offer, you may find brake pads made from AD and SW33 mixture. AD pads are primarily suitable for everyday use, but we recommend SW33 pads for aggressive braking.